How Does LowB1 Affect Brain Function?

Vitamin B1 is absolutely essential for the brain to function properly. Even minor deficiencies can cause forgetfulness, decreased mental acuity, and loss of appetite. The reversal of LowB1 may improve brain function.*

LowB1 and Mitochrondia

Mitochondria are the powerplants of the cell.  Thousands of mitochondria are located in each nerve cell.  They produce the energy necessary for nerve cells to work properly.  Vitamin B1 is essential for this process and LowB1 impairs mitochondrial function.  In the nerves of the feet and legs, impaired mitochondrial function causes numbness, tingling, burning, and/or shooting pains.  Restoring Vitamin B1 levels improves mitochondrial […]

LowB1 and Medications.

Many medications can cause LowB1.  Some medications to be concerned about are: metformin–the most commonly prescribed medication for the treatment of diabetes–inhibits the absorption of Vitamin B1 from the intestines. diuretics, also known as water pills, are used in the treatment of high blood pressure and swelling in the legs.  Diuretics can cause excessive urination of Vitamin B1–causing LowB1. Drugs […]

LowB1 and Being Excessively Heavy.

A recent study found 16% of obese people have LowB1 with over one half of them suffering from numbness, tingling, burning, and/or shooting pains in the feet and legs.  LowB1 affects about 1 in 5 of people after gastric bypass surgery.

LowB1 and Aging

LowB1 is common in people older than 65 years of age and it likely causes the nerves in the feet and legs to function less successfully causing numbness, tingling, burning, and/or shooting pains in the feet and legs.  One study found that numbness, tingling, burning, and/or shooting pains in the feet and legs affects over 25% of people aged 65-75 and […]

LowB1 and Alcohol Abuse

Excessive and chronic alcohol consumption has been shown to have a toxic effect on the intestines, impairing the absorption of Vitamin B1.  As such, many people who have abused alcohol develop LowB1.  This can cause numbness, tingling, burning, and/or shooting pains in their feet and legs.  It can also cause impaired functioning of the brain.  The use of a high-potency bioactive form […]

LowB1 and Prediabetes

Recent studies have shown that about 1 in 5 prediabetics suffer from numbness, tingling, burning, and/or shooting pains in their feet and legs.  Many have found a high-potency bioactive form of Vitamin B1 helpful for this problem.*

LowB1 and Diabetes

About one-half of all diabetics will develop numbness, tingling, burning, and/or shooting pains in their feet and legs.  The reasons for the breakdown in the functioning of the nerves in the feet and legs in diabetics is due to many factors.  One of these factors is LowB1. A group of respected research scientists recently published a study that […]

What About Safety?

The use of a high-potency bioactive form of Vitamin B1 is extraordinarily safe.  It has been the subject of much scientific research over many decades and its safety is well established.

Will Any Vitamin B1 Pill Help Reverse LowB1?

Studies have shown that many people have difficulty absorbing regular Vitamin B1 from the intestines.  Poor absorption is often the cause of LowB1.  A high-potency bioactive form of Vitamin B1 is much more successfully absorbed and when used as directed generally reverses LowB1 within the first 30 days.*