LowB1, also known as Vitamin B1 deficiency, is a condition that has recently gained significant recognition by physicians as a frequent cause of numbness, tingling, burning, and pains in the feet and legs

Because of recent research, thousands of physicians, within the past few years, have changed the way they approach the problem of patients suffering from numbness, tingling, burning, and pains in their feet and legs.  There is a greater appreciation among physicians as to the impressive benefits associated with reversing LowB1. In a dramatic change in how they approach the problem, physicians now often successfully use a                                        high-potency bioactive form of Vitamin B1 on their patients suffering from numbness, tingling, burning, and pains in their feet and legs.*   

LowB1 is common in diabetics, the elderly and people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol over long periods of time.  LowB1 is thought to frequently occur in prediabetics, obese people and people taking certain medications–such as water pills.

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